vProsys is founded on Innovation, which plays a key role in our organization to do the best. We believe in Thinking before Innovating and finally Accomplish.

vProsys is a organization that is fiercely oriented towards growth, value creation and the wealth creation in the marketplace it engages in. Level of our maturity and sophistication of our “innovative ecosystem” allows us go further and take optimum advantage of the creativity and talent of our professional staff and all the other components of the our “business ecosystem”. Structured and systematized thinking and innovation gives us the quality and productivity. We believe in achieving rather than “get it done”. We are not “do it” or a “get it done” organization. vProsys is already reaping benefits of our cutting-edge innovative concepts which includes: an open and collaborative working environment, social innovation, mobility, etc. The value that vProsys provides, and receives, from this sophisticated business ecosystem is invaluable.

Effective execution of services and deliverable is all about setting expectations. Prior to beginning a project we talk about expectation. Upon starting its all about setting expectations of end users. Fortunately, when effectively executed then the expected service level can be achieved at all touch points. Invite us in and we will share the industry best practices to empower your organization.

Our Founders

Jatin Kikani

Jatin is a Founder member at vProsys. He is responsible for Operations, Project/Process Management, Developing technology solutions and provide required sales and marketing support. Jatin has more than 18 years of experience working in global environment having played key global level roles while working at various levels in the organization. He has experience in systems development, systems implementation, network infrastructure , data warehousing, among others Prior to founding vProsys , he was Vice President- Asia-Pacific IT Operations at Cegedim S. A based out of Singapore. He also holds significant interests in K-Sqr Partnership , a Hedge Funds organization.

Jatin has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, USA. He is currently based in Coimbatore, INDIA